The Wicked Good Book: A Guide to Maine Living

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Press: Down East Books (September 16, 2012)
Author Name:Gleasner, Stephen; Corrigan, Patrick;


Intergalactic travelers had their Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. 
Evolutionists had Darwin's The Origin of Species.
And now Mainers can have their very own manual for the good life in Maine.
Styled around the Dangerous Book for Boys, The Wicked Good Book is a pithy, nostalgic, practical, and irreverent guide to getting the most out of living in the Pine Tree State.
It includes helpful tips on everything from outsmarting blackfly attacks to living to tell about a moose attack.
Also included are the necessary quotes that all lovers of Maine should know by heart; important historical moments; essential gear to wear in the woods, in the Old Port, and at bedtime.
Plus, limericks to amuse; hunting tips on how to bag the bird or deer; a guide to the Mine sky; the 7 Wonders of Maine; the correct way to chop a tree' how to prepare for a Maine winter like it might be your last; identification of native flora and fauna; and more.
A blend of hearty survival skills with everyday common sense and a fair amount of humor provides for the Uber-Maine experience.


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  •     I bought it as a Christmas present. I did scan it and will get one for myself. Very pleased with it.
  •     ...oh's already been used - see authors Steve Bither and The Wicked Good Band.Real Mainers have more integrity. This is NOT wicked good. By the way, you can still purchase the authentic, original -The Wicked Good BookTry the real thing.
  •     I got alot of good tips and many chuckles from reading this book. Well-written and quite interesting. I'd recommend this to anyone who considers living in Maine or just enjoys visiting.
  •     Just got it in the mail. Have not finished it as of yet. Seems to hold my interest, as I enjoy the out of doors.
  •     Reviewer Schultz is right. This is a rip off. The first (and only) Wicked Good Book was written decades ago, and like the Bible, contains universal principles about life the way it should be. I went so far as to have the Latin motto of Bowdoinham College (Qui faecum donat?) tattooed on my arm! Find the original and if you bought this one by mistake recycle it in the back house.

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