Carnegie Institution of Washington publication Volume 312

Press: (March 6, 2012)
Author Name:Washington, Carnegie Institution of


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1922 Excerpt: ...Head brownish above, tinged with pale orange below, and each scale on cheek and opsrcles with pale dusky spot.
Spinous dorsal grayish, with first three and last membranes jet black.
Other fins all pale orange to whitish.
Iris silvery, fading slaty.
Four examples, all young, shaken from coral from reef in front of hospital, Pago Pago Harbor, 42 to 45 mm.
Also 3 examples 64 to 71 mm.
long, from tide-pools near Double Point, just west of the entrance to Pago Pago Harbor.
These largely in agreement with Giinther's figure.1 Two small examples from cove just south of Aua village.
These have a conspicuous dark blotch in the front of the spinous dorsal.
Holocentrus diadema Lacepede.
Head 2.87; depth 3.33; D.
XI, I, 12, i; A.
IV, 9; scales 50 in lateral line to caudal base and 3 more on latter; 5 scales above lateral line to origin of soft dorsal; 9 scales below lateral line to origin of spinous anal; 9 predorsal scales; snout 4.25 in head measured from upper jaw tip; eye 3; maxillary 2.87; interorbital 4.25.
Width of head half its length.
Length of snout four-fifths its width.
Eye with posterior edge of pupil midway in head-length.
Closed lower jaw slightly projects.
Maxillary reaches beyond anterior edges of eye, not quite to pupil, expansion about one-third in eye.
Bands of villiform teeth in jaws, on vomer and palatines.
Interorbital level.
Cranial bones striate.
Preopercle spine reaches back only to bony edge of infraopercle.
Preorbital very narrow, and suborbital chain but little wider, its edge more weakly serrate than finely serrated preorbital edge.
Rakers n 2+9 in, lanceolate, about three-fourths of filaments, which one-third of eye.
Scales largest on flanks, smaller on predorsal and breast.
Cheek with 5 rows of scales.
Scales with parallel vertical ...

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