The Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Trivia Quiz: An Unauthorized Doctor Who Companion

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Press: BearManor Media (April 30, 2011)
Author Name:Krouskop, Don J.


It's a trivia quiz!             It's an episode guide!                         It's bigger on the inside than the outside! Test your knowledge of the most popular, enduring science-fiction series in the world with this comprehensive Doctor Who trivia quiz. 
With more than 1000 questions, covering every period in the program's five-decade history, it's the ultimate challenge for fans of television's #1 cult classic.
In these pages, you'll find questions like: • Who knitted the Fourth Doctor's trademark scarf? • "The Doctor's Daughter" guest star Georgia Moffett is the real-life daughter of what former Doctor Who star? • What alien race built the Genesis Ark? • The first episode of Doctor Who was broadcast just one day after what real-life tragedy? • How many holes are there inside the lock on the TARDIS door? • Dalek creator Terry Nation co-produced what iconic 1980s U.S action series? Are you ready to put your Time Lord expertise on trial? Can you be the Master of Doctor Who minutiae? Only time will tell....
Don J.
Krouskop is a critic, film/TV historian, screenwriter, and rabid Doctor Who fan.
He lives with his wife, four dogs, and four cats in Columbus, Ohio.


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Comment List (Total:6)

  •     this book is an amazing example of how much fans should know about doctor whoit is a must read for all doctor who fansi loved this book so much i rated it a 5 out of 5i didnt know how much doctor who things there is to know until i read this book now i know alot more YAY [and still learing]GO DOCTOR WHO!
  •     This was a gift which the recipient spent all Christmas afternoon with her nose buried in it!! Lots of previously unknown information, very interesting.
  •     I've been a Doctor Who fan since the late 1960s. Author Krouskop's encyclopedic knowledge of the series, during each phase of its long existence, is nothing short of remarkable. I couldn't answer most of the questions in the quizzes myself, but I enjoyed reading them and finding out the answers. I also like the fact that the book is, at its heart, a terrific guide to every Doctor Who episode. Krouskop's thumbnail reviews are witty, insightful and informative. They've also given me a way of deciding which of the old episodes I want to view again and what things and actors to watch for when I do, which makes rewatching old episodes even more fun.
  •     Perfect for every Doctor Who fan
  •     This is a fantastic book for Who fans and would make a great gift for Who and non-who fans alike.
  •     This book is a wealth of information and choc full of fun facts about one of the most enduring and endearing shows to ever grace the small screen. The author doesn't come off as having "done his homework", but rather comes across as an adoring and knowledgeable fan trying to make something he loves accessible to the masses in a whole new way.Each chapter introduces us to the next actor to step into the role of the Doctor, and gives us a bit of history on their hiring and the challenges that presented to each one (i.e. Peter Davison was - at the time - the youngest man to ever step into the role and was following on the heels of the man who is still one of the most popular Doctors in the series' history).The contents of each chapter include a brief synopsis of each episode or episode arc, introduction of recurring characters and companions, and the author's informed opinion on the finer points of the storytelling, performances, visual effects, and overall effect and impact of the episode/arc.In addition, the author laments the tragic losses of classic episodes destroyed in the BBC purge, grieves the passing of beloved actors who are no longer with us, and truly conveys his passion for every aspect of the Doctor's universe.Overall, this book has been a long time coming and should be a staple on the shelf of any fan, whether they are fans only of the new series or have been watching since the beginning. I eagerly await the passing of enough new seasons of the show so that Mr. Krouskop has enough material to fill another book!

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