The George Dubya Bush Joke Book: Uncensored (Overseas Series Maps)

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Press: Robson Books (June 2003)
Author Name:David, Nelson


Whatever anyone says about George 'Dubya' Bush, he is one heck of a comedian. 
Ever since the 'will-he/won't-he' US election he remained a constant source of hilarity in an all too humourless world.
And now as leader of the free world George seems set on carving out a reputation as President of the incomprehensible statement and down-right funny one-liner.
Following the best-selling Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton Uncensored Joke Books; the George 'Dubya' Bush Joke Book will amuse and delight anyone eager to have their funny bone tickled by the most powerful man in the Western World.
Laugh with him, laugh at him, but laugh you will.
We might not understand what you're saying half the time George - but Mr.
President, we salute you!

About the Author

Nelson David has been a comedy writer for over ten years, writing for among others Spitting Image, David Frost, Bob Monkhouse, Zoe Ball, Johnny Vaughn and Rory Bremner. 
He also broadcasts for BBC News 24, Radio 5 and London Live as their newspaper commentator.
This is his first book.


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