There's Moore to Life

Press: Ardith Publishing (March 26, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-3
Author Name:Moore, Robert


Have you ever felt lost, lonely, and became your own worst enemy? I had never thought I would become the person I did. 
Alcohol and drugs had been the highlight of my life.
I would do pretty much anything for them, including lying, stealing, and robbing others to feed my own addictions.
I became a very angry man over the years and did a lot of jail time because of my associations and behaviour.
After almost 30 convictions, 17 years of drinking and drugging, I finally became emotionally numb and did not know how to react to anyone or anything.
On September 7th, 2005, I started an even harder journey to break free from the way I was living.
My book talks about the emotional rollercoaster I had been on throughout my life and how I became sober and clean while at the same time putting myself through school to get a college education.
I could never pay back the community with different community programs.
I have started a new life from scratch and that is why I want to share my experience, strength and hope with you because YOU CAN TOO.
Included are 12 testimonials from people who know me and tell it as it was; from a sergeant of the Halton Regional Police station, a jail guard, my former probation officer, counsellors, both parents, son, and a few ex-girlfriends etc...

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About the Author

Growing up in Clarkson, Mississauga, Ontario. 
I had chosen to walk along the wrong road at an early age and became an alcoholic and drug addict.
While on this self-destructive road, I ended up in many jails.
 Living on the streets in Mississauga, Brampton for almost seven years; feeling lost in my own skin and thinking there wasn't anyone out there that could help me.
I think I finally had enough and became emotionally numb (couldn't identify my emotions.) I wore out my welcome with most of the people that I knew. One day I called the Withdrawal Management Center (detox) in Brampton, to see if I could get help.
I really wanted it this time.While in detox I asked them to help me get clean and sober.
I was accepted to a treatment center and spent three and a half months there learning how to live with the community.
I really enjoyed the learning process that not only kept me sober and clean but also allowed to me return to school to get my Grade 12 diploma.
I now have a diploma in Drug and Alcohol counselling, and one as a Social Service worker and am currently in Lakehead University working towards my bachelor of social work degree.Through many struggles today I am just over 5 years clean and sober.
I can say that this road was the hardest road I have ever been on until I learned to stop fighting it and learned to see the gifts of sobriety that I have been blessed with.Today I have many successes and awards through school and the community, e.g.
Lieutenant Governor's Community Volunteer Awards for Students, Nominated for the "Order of Orillia Award", and I was the first student in Georgian College history to ever established a financial award in my own name while still in studies.
Today my goal is to give back to the community and help someone that can't help themselves.   This is why I wrote this book, hoping to reach out to those that need it.
I feel sharing my struggles and hopes can help another person from going down the wrong road as I have. 

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