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Press:Sterling Pub Co Inc Sterling (October 28, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-10
Author Name:Rios, Michael


 Sudoku for the super-smart! Mensa members are known for their finely-honed logic skills—and that’s just what it takes to become an expert at sudoku. 
So it’s no surprise that this organization for the highly intelligent has put together a huge collection of these sizzling-hot puzzles—a whopping 534 games to sate the obsessed solver’s craving.
They start out relatively easy for the newcomer, and get harder (and more fun!) as you go along. 


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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     Unfortunately the title of this collection is midleading, serving more as a marketing ploy than as any indicator of the difficulty of the book. Though the book is put out by the Mensa Society, none of the puzzles here are of more than medium difficulty. After solving several puzzles from the front of the book, I tried a few at the very end to see if they were any more challenging. They aren't. The introduction states that the puzzles get harder as you work through the book, but as far as I can tell they are all about the same in level of difficulty and so far I have not gotten "stuck" on a single one. This isn't the absolute easiest collection I've come across, but all the puzzles can be solved in a short amount of time without having to pencil in anything to keep track of options, etc. There are 534 puzzles total, and solutions to all of them are provided in the back. "Mensa Sudoku" would be a great book for beginners who are just starting to figure out the tricks of the game, but won't provide much of a challenge to those already experienced with Sudoku. Personally, I tend to flip to this book when I want a break from my studies, but pick up other, more difficult books when I want a real mental workout.
  •     I received this book as a gift from my wife and was not purchased from Amazon. It is probably the easiest Sudoku book I have ever worked.
  •     I bought this book in a brick & mortar store thinking it would be a challenging experience. How very wrong I was. These puzzles are beginner to intermediate level puzzles at best. I've gone through 73 puzzles and the only thing that gave me trouble was that they were so easy, I got sloppy and made dumb mistakes.The worst part is the "Official Mensa Puzzle Book" seal on the cover and a line on the back cover stating "You could be a genius at sudokus!" What a load of crock.In short, if you want a ton of puzzles to get started with, this book is fine. If you want a challenge, look elsewhere (the sudoku game on my phone is more challenging).
  •     Best puzzles for experts ever
  •     Sorry, but I didn't find these puzzles a bit challenging. I DO like the fact that the puzzles are supposedly in consecutive order of difficulty as you advance through the book. That's a nice feature. Because of it, I immediately began skipping ahead and never did find a puzzle that was challenging.
  •     I bought this book thinking..."oh, good, finally a book that is going to challenge me"...I was wrong. This book is strictly for 10 year olds. Even the so-called 'Hard puzzles' are mindless and require very little thought. What a disappointment!
  •     Maybe change the title to "Mensa for Dummies?"A total waste of money for anyone looking for any sort of challenge.
  •     The book was given to me as a gift and I got super excited as soon as I opened it, thinking: "Mensa? Woah, I bet these will be challenging!
  •     I see nothing 'Mensa' about this book. It's a just a big collection of medium-level puzzles. All the puzzles can be solved by inspection only (without any pencil markings or using advanced techniques), and I mean ALL of them!Very similar to Rios's other book 'Black Belt Sudoku'.If you want tough challenging puzzles, I highly recommend you look else where...
  •     Great value
  •     This was a good book for me. I don't think you need to be a Mensa member to enjoy it. My "Grandma's Sodoku" was a lot harder. Ironically named, don't you think?
  •     Don't be fooled, this book isn't as difficult as the title might have you believe. Intermediate to advanced puzzlers will have no trouble working through the puzzles in this book.What's great about this book, though, is the "bang for your buck" factor. Most puzzle books are going at about $8.00 for 100-150 puzzles... this book is $8 but you get 500 puzzles! What a deal!
  •     Love, love, love Michael Rio's Sudoku puzzles over all the rest. Liked it so much, I bought a second book and one for my husband.
  •     I bought this book at Barnes & Noble yesterday. I should have read reviews on Amazon first there is nothing challenging about this book
  •     Wife has read this book and enjoyed the content.
  •     This book is a joke. The puzzles are easy. I guess they called it "Mensa" to flatter the potential buyer.
  •     This is actually sanctioned by Mensa??? These are so easy that it isn't fun.I want my money back!
  •     working on it now

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