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Press: Titan Books Ltd (March 15, 2013)
Author Name:Bennett, Tara; Paul, Terry; Pinkner, Jeff


Delve into television’s most otherworldly phenomenon! Fringe: September’s Notebook is a uniquely in-world collection that explores the intricate destinies of Walter Bishop, Peter Bishop, and Olivia Dunham. 
Gathered by the Observer known only as “September,” these pages reveal new truths about the Fringe Division and Massive Dynamic.
The book also closely examines the Amber timeline and the alternate universe “Over There.” Packed with concept art, exclusive photos, and intriguing ephemera, September’s Notebook will satisfy every serious fan’s hunger for details about the Observers, quirks and little-known facts about each character, insight into Fringe Science, and much more.
“Easter eggs” throughout build on the many symbols and codes woven into the show’s fabric, uncovering truths never before revealed.
With its layered storytelling, well-rendered characters, and complex overarching narrative, Fringe is the ideal show around which to publish, and Fringe: September’s Notebook provides a totally immersive reading experience.


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  •     If I had to sum up my reaction to "Fringe: September's Notebook" in one word, that word would be "Wow!"I can't say I was a fanatic "Fringe" follower during much of the show's five-year run. In fact, it took me a season or so to really get into it. Having cut my teeth on "The X-Files," so to speak, I was at first a little disappointed in "Fringe" when the episodes aired. But I later came to enjoy it very much. I grieved when the series ended and left a big black hole in my Friday night activity schedule. However, I have all the season DVD sets so far available, and I'm watching episodes on a semi-regular basis. I'm even more impressed the second time around."Fringe: September's Notebook" is an outstanding resource that has added immeasurably to my interest in, respect for and understanding of the series. I can't praise it enough. Having read the unanimous five-star reviews before my copy showed up, I had very high expectations of what awaited my eager perusal when I opened the Amazon box. As I carefully slit and then removed the protective plastic wrapper, I immediately realized the book far exceeded even my highest expectations! Visually, stylistically and physically stunning, the "notebook" is absolutely chock-full of "stuff" that is sure to captivate any "Fringe" fan. Crystal-clear color photographs adorn every page. I didn't count them, but there must be several hundred of them. The text is small and dense, and packed with the most detailed, esoteric information imaginable about the incredibly rich, complex and fine-textured "Fringe" universe(s), episodes, events and characters. Envelopes bound into the book contain some really neat extras. Tabbed card-stock dividers add a cool faux-FBI-file aura to the whole thing. There's no way any reader could possibly read and digest this book straight through cover-to-cover. Rather, read it slowly and savor it, a little at a time, like a fine Port. At least that's how I'm doing it--it's a perfect companion to the DVD sets, and I'm looking forward to literally months of enjoyment nibbling away at this invaluable tome as I work my way through the series again."Fringe: September's Notebook" is truly a remarkable achievement on the part of authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, and it celebrates a remarkable achievement in network television. An obvious labor-of-love that explores and reveals absolutely every aspect of "Fringe," the book is certain to satisfy even the most die-hard fan. I can't conceive of anyone who enjoyed the series having a negative reaction to it. It's hard for me to wrap my head around the amount of thought, work and devotion that went into creating this book. Every bit of it shows on the pages. I heartily congratulate the authors on their incredible accomplishment.To all "Fringe" fans, casual or rabid: you need to buy this book with no questions asked. You're really missing out if you don't. I give it my highest possible recommendation.
  •     three stars does not adequately convey what my true feelings are for this book. IMHO, the book operates on two levels.
  •     I really liked this however, I was part of a few people getting refunded because I didn't get the legitimate signatures from the cast.
  •     This is truly a wonderful labor of love and it shows all thoughout the book. It is shock full of details, information and it even has details on every single fringe case file. I love the envelopes with classified documents, the loyalits tattoos are a great add on. This book is very well constructed, it is quite heavy and is printed in High quality paper, full of bright detailed photos some of which are unique to this book. My favorite is one of a much younger Walter and William Bell.The book is divided into 5 distinct sections Over Here (Season 1 and Season 2), Over There (Season 3), Another Timeline (Season 4) and 2036 (Final Season). And each section has detailed information on the characters and events corresponding to that particular season. I love the fact that the book itself reads like a Giant scrapbook album where every time you turn the page you find something new. The pages themselves have Photos and revelant documents or information regarding that event, character or case, and in each page the blue notes are September's personal observations.There 3 dossier one for the Redverse, one for the Blueverse and one for the Amber Timeline detailing every fringe case file that occurred in each one. At the end of the book there is a complete episode guide for all 5 season and some amazing artwork from Brown Betty and Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.I do recommend this to any Fringe fan. It is a wonderful companion to the show whether you are a long time faithful fan or just finding out about the Bishops.UPDATE: To everyone wondering why the envelope that was supposed to contained the white tulip is empty. This was done on purpose it is not a mistake. It is actually a testament of how deeply involved this book is with the show, it is empty because of how the show ended and if you would like a more thorough explaination, I want to point you to Episode 511 "The Boy Must Live". This episode it also the first glimpse we get of September's Notebook. Hope this helps.
  •     Much more detailed and painstakingly assembled journal that I originally thought. Unbelieveably low price for the value. A treasured keepsake!
  •     The most amazing book with all of it's extras- each page is full of things to open. It's like a glorified pop up book :) My husband loved it.
  •     Wow, what a wonderful and loving addition and extenstion of the show. Thank you! Sorry had to wait a long time before I could own it.
  •     So cool. Full of all kinds of pictures, information and fun extras.This is the epitome of all things Fringe.
  •     Absolutely
  •     I gave it only 3 because it didn't provide any additional insight than the TV series.
  •     great
  •     So glad to grab a few of these for us and some friends when they were super low price. Great show companion.

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