109 Ways to Beat the Casinos

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Press: Taylor Trade Publishing; 1St Edition edition (May 31, 1996)
Author Name:Walter Thomason


In this book they tell you in simple language how to maximize your gambling bankroll by applying winning strategies to each and every game―from blackjack to craps, roulette to baccarat, slots to video poker, sports book betting to live poker, plus best-bet playing methodologies for new games like Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Three Card Poker. 
They tell you the best ways to play each game in 100 words or less, while other books often use 1000 words or more.


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  •     This book was very concise, helpful, and to-the-point about each topic in its content list. The items are (for the most part) helpful tips that are boiled down from more complex strategies for the games discussed. A few of the items are redundant and/or are just too common sense to be part of the numbered title. But most are appropriate, important, and well described. I would have liked more general detail on money management and casino details, but it's a good beginner's primer on many games and a good supplement to other more thorough books.
  •     Walter Thomason and other experts such as Frank Scoblete, Henry Tamburin, and John Grochowski have written a very good book. Each piece of advice is short and to the point. The book is very well designed and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a good grounding in most of the games.
  •     As the editor and a contributing writer, I present the following about my book. First, the title has changed! It's now "109 Ways to Beat the Casinos". The other writers had so many good tips that the book had to be expanded. Don't be mislead by the title. Since most every casino gaming option has a "negative expectation" -- meaning the casino will win almost all the time in the long run -- we don't try to tell you that we can change this expectation. What we WILL tell you, through 109 tips about all of the games and machines, is how to REDUCE the casino's advantage over you, and how to improve your chances of winning. All of the authors of this book are players as well as writers. They've "been there and done that" and offer you many words of wisdom not contained in other publications. Take their advice, and win for a change!
  •     Walter Thomason who wrote the excellent "21st Century Blackjack" has assembled a who's who of gambling writers to give tips on all the games. The book works! Anyone interested in a quick-hit course in casino gaming will do well to buy this book. A very good job.
  •     If you are going to go to the casino, this book is probably a good investment. It gives some good strategies which maximize your wins and minimize your losses. Considering the amount of money you can earn or save with these winning strategies, the price of this book is insignificant. Also, this is a very diverse book. It has winning strategies for a wide variety of casino games; so no matter what your favorite games are, this book can help you. Also, it can introduce you to new games. Overall, a decent and broad book about gambling
  •     Excellent

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