Air America: The Playbook: What a Bunch of Left Wing Media Types have to Teach you about a World Gone Right

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Press:Rodale Books Rodale Books; English Language edition (September 19, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-9-19
Author Name:Chuck D.,David Bender,Thom Hartmann,Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


What the Loudest Voices on Liberal Talk Radio Have to Say About How Our Country Really Works―And How to Take It BackIncisive political commentary delivered with a healthy dose of humor―and a decidedly left-of-center twist―captures the essence of Air America RadioFor frustrated voters who like their politicians left of center, the era of George W. 
Bush has been a time of exasperation, eye-rolling, hand-wringing, and even despair.
Since Bush's "election" in 2000, millions of blue-tinted Americans have fled in droves from their TVs and radios, no longer able to bear the "Swiftboat-ization" of the mainstream media or the haranguing voices of such "villains" as Bill O'Reilly, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh.
Where can these displaced persons go for political asylum?Enter, in 2004, Air America Radio, a talk radio network exclusively devoted to liberal, progressive talk.
With stars like Al Franken, Janeane Garafalo, Chuck D, Robert Kennedy Jr., Randi Rhodes, Rachel Maddow, and many more, Air America has become an oasis in a time of complete domination by a conservative Republican majority.
With close to four million listeners on 89 stations around the country, Air America gives all of those voters who still feel Al Gore and John Kerry should have and perhaps even did win the last two presidential elections a place to vent their opinions and talking heads who share their righteous indignation.However, for readers who don't know what to do when their favorite radio show is over and they're still wide awake, for those who loved Jon Stewart's America, Bill Maher's New Rules, Thomas Frank's The Trouble With Kansas, and books by Al Franken, a new balm in book form awaits.Air America offers a roadmap to the landmine that is American politics today, through an array of eyes and voices unabashedly left of center.
Combining new original material with radio transcripts, useful sidebars and statistics, and interviews, all offered in an irresistibly unexpected mix of humor, outrage, sarcasm, and thoughtfulness, this essential guide to how our government works, who are the best hopes and the biggest offenders, and most importantly how liberals can take back their country from the ruling right wing is a must-read.


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  •     If you really hate the right, this is your manisfesto. However, if you're just a run of the mill liberal with a decent acumen of political information, this will seem boring and prolix.The book is basically a compiliation of interview transcipts and essays by Air America's broadcasters, seperated by several comedy pieces. Don't be fooled, this isn't filled with hilarious Franken material or stunningly new insights.Here's my recommendation:a) If you stood and clapped at the TV when you heard that Ann Coulter was almost hit with a pie... this book is for you.b) If you're disgusted by seeing Cindy Sheehan shake hands with Hugo Chavez... this book probably isn't up your alley.
  •     I'm in support of "liberal" positions more often than not, however, I don't like "used news" (reruns from former programs - regardless of point of view). The elections are over, Bush received a sound drubbing, and now it's time to move on from complaining about his messes to correcting them.Nonetheless, it was interesting (and disheartening) to read in "Air America" that 21% get most of their news from talk radio (eg. Limbaugh, Hannity, Liddy), and congratulate Al Franken for trying to present something more accurate and interesting.On the other hand, reading Ted Kennedy's push for Davis-Bacon coverage for "guest workers" (illegals) was more than a little rankling - those wages should only go to legal citizens, period! (Claims that there are not enough Americans willing to . . . are bogus - the problem is that illegals push wages down to unreasonable levels.)
  •     This book is a concise explanation of what's wrong with the Bush administration. It isn't a deep policy book on a single topic, though it includes interviews with the authors and journalists who are experts in their fields. The intent seems to be to put what you need to know in one handy package. Much of it will be familiar to regular Air America listeners, since the content includes transcripts of inteviews and essays on subjects the hosts address on the air. Even though the 2006 election is now past, with Bush still in office for two more years this book remains utterly relevant.
  •     Not a bad book, but it's really NOT for those of a conservative bent. If you enjoy Air America, you WILL enjoy this book. I was a bit disappointed that the book has so much non original material. A few too many transscripts from the Air America shows, but still, over all a good, though lite, read.
  •     People tune into TV to tune out, yeah they get a general overview of the news but really you can't participate, TV often requires your full attention. Radio is for those who wish to tune in, to participate. This book is for those who wish to participate you enjoy the Radio show, and want a reference to help you participate further. Obviously it has a left wing bias nothing wrong with that, it isn't pretending to be something it isn't.The Major news media also failed us on questions of WMD in Iraq, to corruption in congress, not to mention how the Tax payers like me didn't get a tax cut, (opps I am sorry I did get a $58 tax cut) I have noted with alarm how the Major media has made a sharp turn to the right, even NPR and CSpan. Having a place to get some honest news is great. Air America serves that need, this book compliments it, and is a snap shot of the issues of today.

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