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Press: TITAN BOOKS LTD (January 1, 1996)
Author Name:Groening, Matt; etc.


The Simpsons -- the quintessential middle American nuclear family -- have become a cultural icon. 
Beloved by millions of viewers, the Emmy Award-winning series made television history by bringing animation back to prime time, rapidly becoming one of the Fox network's highest-rated shows.
In this collection of comics, faithful followers can catch up on the latest goings-on in Springfield, as the Simpson universe leaps from the screen to the big color comics pages.
Ned Flanders, steadfast citizen and devoted father, has gone on a rampage, committing shocking crimes (it's not his fault -- he's been kidnapped by aliens).
The Simpsons try out for membership in a biosphere, with catastrophic results.
Then it's off to a new adventure as Bart skateboards headlong into the evils of the publishing industry, where he learns all about idea stealing, bad writers and the fleeting interest of editors.

About the Author

Matt Groening, the creator and executive producer of the Emmy® Award-winning series The Simpsons, as well as creator of the cartoon strip "Life in Hell" and the animated FOX television series Futurama, is the man responsible for bringing animation back to primetime and creating an immortal nuclear family. 
In addition, Groening formed Bongo Comics Group in 1993 and currently serves as publisher of The Simpsons Library of Wisdom, Simpsons Episode Guides, Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson Comics, Radioactive Man Comics, Simpsons Comics Treasure Trove, the annual Bart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror, Futurama Comics and more than 36 comic compilations, as well as many instant classics including Bart Simpsons Guide to Life, The Simpsons Handbook and The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album.

--This text refers to an alternate Paperback edition.


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Comment List (Total:7)

  •     Just got this for Christmas and it's a good book. The first story, "Fallen Flanders" could be the weakest, but it's still pretty good, just too creepy for the Simpsons. It should've been saved for the yearly Treehouse Of Horror edition. The next story, "Survivor Of The Fattest" is the funniest one because it sets it up so anything can happen. The Simpsons and the Flandereses get stranded inside a biodome for a year. It's a fun story, with a very clever Star Wars ref worked in. From there, it's "Give Me Merchandising Or Give me Death," in which Bart & Milhouse's underground comic is stolen from under their feet by Mr. Burns' Boffo Comics. With lots of subtle self references and parodies this is a keeper. The book ends with "To Heir Is Homer" in which Homer ends up inheiriting the Duff Beer enterprise... partially owned by, who else? Monty Burns. In order the stories would be 1) Survivor Of The Fattest 2) To Heir Is Homer 3) Give me Merchandising and 4) Fallen Flanders, but they're all good for a laugh.
  •     This took me straight back to childhood.
  •     This was my first comic, and I loved it. What I didn't know was that not all of the comics are as good as this one, this has got to be the best! It has very funny comics inside that are both unique from the T.V. show but still very exciting to read!I'll be brief. The first comic is about Flanders becoing bad and evil after he was missing for a couple of days. The second comic is a mini western type comic of the simpsons. The next comic is about the simpsons entering a human science experiment where they are tested if they can survive living in a dome and live off the land. The next comic is a mini comic about skinner telling about the life in the army. The next comic is about bart and millhouse making a comic, trying to sell it, but instead having the company steal thier idea. The next comic is a mini comic about jimbo and his gang breaking rules in thier school and getting in trouble with the principle and cops. The next comic is about homer taking over the duff company. Then there is a mini itchy and scrthcy cartoon. Then a mini comic about grampa simpson talking about modern day collectibles.Very funny comic collection. I reccomend it extremely. You won't be dissapointed.
  •     This book consised of Flanders goes bad, Simpsons under glase, Art for Bart and Weres The Beers are...
  •     Even though the book was good I suggest you watch the T.V. show first
  •     If the cable went out or if you don't have access to a tv, then pick up a copy of Simpson Comics Simps-O-Rama. It gives tv watchers a break from tv yet maintains the that Simpson humor which has made the tv show so popular. If your a fan or not a fan of the Simpsons you should grab your self a copy of this book!
  •     Excellent comic book full of all the favorite Simpsons characters (Krusty, McBain, Kent Brockman, grandpa, the Flanders, etc.) including advertisements, Itchy & Scratchy shorts, and more! Here's what's in this issue:"Fallen Flanders"--Ned Flanders sitting on the couch in his underwear drinking beer and burping at the T.V.? Ned Flanders spraypainting "For a Good Time, Call Maude" on the side of a building? Ned Flanders stealing candy from a baby? What's going on?!? Bart and Lisa get help from McBain in this mystery which also continues the storyline started in "Dead to the Last Drop" in Simpsons Comics Spectacular."The Kwik-e and the Dead"--Go back to Springfield's frontier days when Mr. Burns owned "only half" the town and Joe Quimby's nickname was "Carbon.""Survival of the Fattest"--My favorite story in this book. This plot could easily be a T.V. episode. An environmental research biosphere comes to Springfield (at first, Homer thinks it's a "bimbosphere" strip joint). After grueling tryouts (and Homer's cheating), the Simpsons find themselves in competition with the Flanders!"Spare the Rod, Spoil the Grunt"--Principal Skinner defends his new "spanked straight" discipline policy by telling a tale of his Vietnam days."Give Me Merchandising or Give Me Death"--Comic book scouts steal Milhouse and Bart's ideas for a new superhero. See how Bart uses some comic art trickery to get revenge."Rebel Without a Clutch"--A short from Jimbo's "Wedgie" comics. Watch Jimbo hotwire a motorbike and create choas at a school art festival."To Heir is Homer"--Homer inherits 51% of the Duff Beer plant, and guess who owns the other 49%. This story would also make an excellent T.V. episode. See the source of Duff's unique taste, Duff Springs (closed by order of President Truman)."Nostalgia Ain't What it Used to Be"--Grandpa and Jasper check out a "Collectorama" convention and can't believe what people would pay for a Lance Murdock Suicycle or a Larva Girl doll "with deluxe pupating action." By the way, if anyone has a Malibu Stacey doll with the party dress that converts to a radiation suit, Smithers is looking for one.

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