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Press:Booth-Clibborn Editions Booth-Clibborn (September 6, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-09-01
Author Name:Jan Family


Janfamily is a group of young artists who share a unique approach to life. 
They explore the things that surround them, and together they create alternatives to everyday routines.
Janfamily: Suggestions for Take Overs, their first book, is a manifesto of their philosophy: it is a "how-to" book, a list of proposals on how to relate to our own environment.
By offering solutions to problems such as "How to soften a challenge" and "How not to do what you did yesterday," we are invited to revisit the simple things in life that are often ignored or unnoticed.
Janfamily: Suggestion for Take Overs is a humorous yet touching presentation of an innovative way of looking at the world.


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  •     good condition
  •     It was 7 years ago that I was browsing a holiday pop up - sort of outlet book store. Among my careful selection of a Candy Recipe book and anniversary volumes of the Paper Fashion magazine spreads, was this whimsical find. My 16 year old self found this so novel. The special depictions of everyday living - blonde and brunette girls' hair woven together, bread spoons, the poses, the sheet people..I wish I still had this book. I had a house fire :( I paid no more than 25 bucks for it then. This is a true happy inducing gem and was one of my prized possessions. Highly recommended.
  •     There is a lot of art today that seeks to capture the uncanny moments in everyday experience, but none better than Janfamily. This book is a pleasure from cover to cover. Highly recommended.

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