Baby Do My Banking (Baby Be of Use)

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Press:McSweeney's, Irregulars McSweeney's, Irregulars; Main edition (July 27, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-07-27
Author Name:Brown, Lisa


Are you a parent? Have your finances become a chore? Perhaps you should hand over those onerous fiscal responsibilities to someone with a little more time on their hands: your child. 
Let them wait in line at the bank.
What else have they got to do? Thanks, Baby!


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  •     Drawn up to mimic itself as a baby book but the humor is all adult. This whole series is super creative, adorable, and will be the hit of the shower! All my friends could not get enough of these books and all requested where I purchased them so they could do so as well! Make sure you give them to a mother with a sense of humor though!
  •     It's a good book, pretty funny, but not really engaging for kids. The whole "baby do my .." franchise seems to be a bit out of control, but having one of them is amusing.
  •     There's nothing all that funny or creative about this book other than the concept. I wish I had just laughed at the idea of it and left it at that rather than shell out the money to buy a copy! Inside, several typical bank transactions are described. It's about as boring as an actual trip to the bank.
  •     My 12-month old has loved this book for months - I love that it is short, sweet and amusing to me, since I have to read it to my daughter maybe 10 times in a row every day. Dad loves it too.
  •     I like to add a few of her books in with baby shower gifts. They're always the talk of the shower.
  •     This is arguably the "Baby Be of Use" book that works the least. The concept for the series is pretty adorable, and occasionally the design works well, but this one is fairly pathetic. The illustrations are repetitive and boring. (Illustrations of a wallet, a driver's license, a will, a mortgage... There picture of people waiting in line as on the cover is as dynamic as it gets!) Worse, one of the two-page spreads is out of order in my copy, so even the single sentence in the book doesn't make sense.
  •     I work at a bank so, my husband got it for me. He thought it would be cute but, it is weird and boring and I will be putting it in the next garage sale.
  •     Cute Book. Some others in the series are a bit funnier, but its still good.

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