Mysteries of Mind Space & Time: The Unexplained

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Press: H S Stuttman Co; Subsequent edition (April 1992)
Publication Date:1992-4
Author Name:Unknown
Edition:Subsequent Edition


A twenty-six-volume study of the paranormal, mystical, and psychic phenomena commonly referred to as the supernatural.


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  •     3,228 pages--1992paranormal--mystical--psychic phenomenaHS STUTTMANW O N D E R F U L !bbp okc
  •     Great Series! Just what I wanted. Arrived in Great shape.
  •     Volume 1 contains 31 pages about UFOs. Jenny Randles has an article about the death of Zigmund Jan Adamski and an article about Alan Godfrey. The two cases are related. Hilary Evans has an article "The UFO Paradox". There are two pages with UFO photos. Jenny Randles then has a great article "Encounters of the Fourth Kind" with illustrations. Also "Creatures From Inner Space?" and "Stranger Than Fiction" both by Jenny Randles. "The Men From Mars" by Charles Bowen. All these articles have illustrations and photographs. Very interesting to read some of these creature encounter cases. Much insight and philosophy about what is going on...
  •     If you read or use this book for real information on the paranormalyou will be disappointed.same old urban legends.
  •     An excellent first step into the fringeworlds of the supernatural, urban legends and UFOs. Great book.
  •     Mysteries of Mind Space and Time is a 26 volume set that does a brilliant job of exploring many fascinating aspects of the paranormal. Don't be fooled,however,this is more than just a study into UFOs. Presented in this set are in depth examinations into religion, such as Christ's tomb and the Shroud of Turin, End Times, cults, Bible Mysteries, etc. Mind psycology such as ESP, dreams, psychic phenomenon,hypnosis,and out of body experiences. Plenty of astronomical sciences dealing with black holes, Moon mysteries, planetary science and quite a bit else. Also included is the Great Pyramids, ghosts, poltergeists, Tesla, vampires, the Bermuda Triangle, the Andromeda Strain and MUCH more. This set is organized into 26 volumes that read similar to an encyclopedia, in the same alphabetical type order. Unlike a typical encyclopedia, though, this gets very in depth and really hits on the key features of the topic. The articles that make up this set were originally published in Great Britian in weekly parts, this is a compilation of all of the articles. What I liked most about this set is the diversity of topics, as well as the depth that it gets into. Yet it remains very unbiased in that it never tries to persuade, it simply states facts behind the stories. One example is the study into UFOs that gets very deatiled throughout. The writers do not try to sell the phenomenon, rather they address both sides, including alternative theories which often includes skeptic's interviews and input. Another great feature is the fact that there is true scientific merit in this set. I learned an incredible amount of information about astromony including planets, nebulae, black holes, the sun and moon and galaxies. There are also a good amount of articles that feature historical wonders and accounts. One of my favorites is a look into the possibility of the female "Pope Joan" in the middle ages. Another favorite was an account of how angels supposedly saved a small village during World War I after which many people clained seeing angels around the village. The books are full of photos, illustrations, woodcuts and anything that relates to the subject. This is by no means a photo album, though. The main emphasis is the content and stories but the pictures complement the text quite well throughout.There is a good use of charts, graphs and statistics where this type of information is relevant. I also liked the fact that the end of each article gives information for further study, including author's names and their related books on that particular topic. So if you find several subjects throughout the set that are especially interesting, you already have a list of names and books to study further. The only thing that I was disappointed in is the fact that the set is slightly dated. This means that certain recent phenomenon isn't included, like the chupacabra and developments in UFO studies for example. Despite this, the scientific fact is still relevant and up to date. Overall, this 26 volume collection is well worth the money and I would highly recommend it, even if you are not particularly interested in the paranormal or supernatural. There will still be plenty of stories that will draw anyone's interest since the set hits on on such a diversity of topics.

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