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Press:Quercus Quercus Publishing Plc
Publication Date:2012-11-8
Author Name:Gianmarco Milesi,Matteo Civaschi


Winner of the 2013 Cannes Bronze Book Design Lion and the Epica awards, Life in Five Seconds is a gift for anyone with a good sense of humor and a short attention span. 
H-57 is a design and advertising with two decades of award-winning work in advertising and the masterminds behind the online infographic "History of...
" series, which has amassed worldwide popularity.
Told in ingenious pictographs that are witty, provocative, and to the point, Life in 5 Seconds takes on 200 important events, inventions, great lives, wonders of the natural world, and cultural icons and boils away the useless details to give you the pure essence of knowledge in a bold and irreverent set of illustrations that speak to today's caffeine-charged, jet-fueled, information-overloaded society.
You'll laugh out loud as you finally understand the differences between Satan and Santa Claus; explore the vibrancy of artists from Beethoven to Banksy; compare the masonry in the Great Wall of China to that of the Berlin Wall; weigh the importance of Elvis; deconstruct the genius of Ikea; play with the history of video games; and plumb other vitally important holes in your knowledge.


Humor & Entertainment,Pop Culture,Art

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Comment List (Total:5)

  •     Maybe 1 out of every 25 is clever. I regret buying it -- it has a very limited range of creativity. Seen one, basically you've seen them all.
  •     Very clever take on the history of the world. Good fun! Had fun guessing the events/people. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to look at things a little differently.
  •     It is a great time killer for long trips—keeps everyone amused for quite a while. Easy fun and entertainment. Would recommend.
  •     The book is amazing! The idea is just genious. The author simplified all major events and outstanding people in short sketches. You have to try to guess them all. UNFORTUNATELY, the both books I ordered were shipped dirty and with rainy spots:( it's gonna be a gift for my friend:( please, improve your delivery service! Thanks in advance!
  •     I was passing this around my design class and everyone was having a blast.

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