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Press: Paw Prints 2008-05-09 (May 9, 2008)
Author Name:Edgers, Geoff/ Tugeau, Jeremy (ILT)


An easy-to-read narrative brings the Fab Four to life, discussing their childhoods in Liverpool, England, their first forays into rock music, what Beatlemania was like, why they broke up, and more.


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  •     Such a great book to teach kids about The Beatles. My 7 year old grandson is now obsessed with the band and even sat through an entire documentary about them with me. I highly recommend this book, and many others from this series, to get kids to read!
  •     My 8 year old loves these series of books. Great that they started to do some of the musicians, wish they would do more. I have read a few of them and learned things I didn't know!
  •     I absolutely love the Beatles and think this is an ideal book to introduce young readers to them. I also think this is the ideal book for young Beatle fans as well as just the right spark to ignite a flaming love for them. This is an ideal companion book to "Brilliant Brits," another excellent beginner's book about the Beatles.This book provides a plethora of information about each Beatle's boyhood; the inception of the band; the meteoric rise of the world's greatest band and their ultimate parting of company.The drawings are just delightful and my favorites were of young George Harrison and another of Olivia and George with their young Beatle coiffed son, Dhani. I just love it!Beatle fans will catch a picture of Paul writing with his right hand on page 14; since Paul was left handed, the pen would have been in his left hand. Another picture that jumps out at fans is on page 60. George is drawn playing his famous lead with his left hand and Paul is drawn playing his Hofner bass with his right hand. On page 77 John is drawn playing guitar with this left hand. That would not have happened - Paul was the only left handed guitarist in the Beatles.Wonderful for all ages and just the right gift for that young Beatle fan. No doubt it will be a treasured possession. I just love it! This is a book I would happily give to young readers. They, too will endorse it with a hearty YEAH,YEAH, YEAH!
  •     My grandson has a voracious appetite for this series of books. They are well written and highly informative.
  •     I have purchased this twice, once for my 8 year old granddaughter, and most recently for my 7 year old granddaughter. The information is true (from what they have told me, and being a lifelong Beatles fan, I concur), and they both loved reading it. That being said, understand that II have indoctrinated my daughters and grandchildren, they LOVE the Beatles. Plan to buy more copies when my newest granddaughters (both born this year) can read.I truly love the "Who Was..." series. I have given my granddaughters Queen Elizabeth I, Marie Curie, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney,Robert E. Lee, Clara Barton, Queen Victoria, Jane Goodall, and MANY others. They both love them all. And ask for more books!! What more could one ask for?!
  •     have not read it yet, am sure it will great!
  •     This is a great introduction to the Beatles from a historical-perspective for young fans. A good, simple way to fill in the gaps between their favorite songs. As a Beatles Fanatic and father that's why I got this for my 9 year old, but just a heads up; it does contain minor details of and eludes to drugs, drinking, murder and home invasion...so. yeah.
  •     This Book was great. The narrating was very good, making me not stop reading it. It is a very easy book, it took me a day to read it. I will recommend this book to any child who wants to learn about The Beatles.
  •     My 10 year old boy loved it
  •     Cute book for children.
  •     My kids, ages 9 and 10, both love this biography and have used it for school book reports. I've only skimmed over the book myself so I cannot attest to the whole content (hence 4 out of 5 stars), but it really got my children interested in the Beatles and their music. How many non-fiction books engage a child like that nowadays?
  •     The biography is complete and interesting for young learners. I bought them for students who learn English as a second language and they are suitable for them.
  •     We Homeschool and these books are the perfect way for our Son to learn about whomever he's interested in. We learn a lot too!
  •     It is fun because you can learn all about the Beatles life and there music they made.
  •     These are great book for children to read, it also help them with conference.
  •     These series of books are wonderful! Book keeps my 8 year old sister engaged in all the stories. Looking forward to the new releases next year!
  •     While this book had plenty of information about each individual Beatle, and also covered the history of the band quickly and pretty thoroughly (as much as a kid's book could ask for), I found it odd that they added details about Yoko Ono's "strange artwork". Particularly going into detail that one of her works of art involved filming a fly walking up and down a naked body. I think my 8 year-old daughter could have happily lived the rest of her life without knowing that tidbit of information. TMI, in my opinion. They could have just stuck with the fact that Yoko interfered in their business affairs. Other than that, it was informative. However, even as a huge fan of The Beatles, my daughter did grow bored with it occasionally...but she's 8, so what do you expect? This was for a biography report, of which she chose to write about John Lennon. She got all the information needed from this book.

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