Penny Arcade Volume 4: Birds Are Weird

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Press:Diamond Comic Distributors Dark Horse (June 12, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-6
Author Name:Holkins, Jerry


OHMYGODDIDYOUSEETHAT?!?   So, anyway, I'm sure you stopped by to find out what kinds of Penny Arcade goodness we will be lavishing upon you with this latest collection. 
Oh, and you came for the cinnamon almond biscotti, of course.
But mostly you came because you can't get enough of the smash-hit web-comic Penny Arcade.
Well, my friend, do we have the goods for you! All the Penny Arcade web-comics published online in 2003, a smorgasbord of commentary courtesy of Gabe and Tycho, and more bonus material than you can shake a pigeon at! Huh? Oh, sorry, did I say "pigeon?" I meant to say "stick." Sorry, but that bird is still really creeping me out.
You can tell it's totally planning something.
Can't you see it watching us, with its eyes!?! Man, birds are weird...


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Comment List (Total:11)

  •     Bought as a gift for my husband. He loved it!
  •     This collection of the Penny Arcade comics covers an entire year of their work. While they don't do story arcs very often, the work included is still fantastic, and introduces some of there newer repeat characters.
  •     As with the last three volumes, this book delivers exactly what it promises: a year's worth of side-splitting, laugh-out-loud comics.
  •     Penny Arcade is a longstanding comic that offers a hilarious satirical insight into the gaming/media world. If you're not fairly tied to gaming and entertainment news, this comic won't be for you. I however have enjoyed every strip and love these guys.
  •     This book was great! Jerry Holkines never lets up on the wit factor. Laugh out loud!
  •     The fourth, full-color collection of strips from the popular webcomic series Penny Arcade, Birds Are Weird continues the tradition of utterly irreverent, largely video game-themed humor. Due to severe cursing and the occasional phallic reference, Penny Arcade is not a comic for young children or the easily offended; and yet its humor has that irresistible effect. Bonus sketches, short text vignettes and a paragraph of extra commentary for virtually every strip enhance this anthology, offering new insights into Penny Arcade's random madness even for readers who have already seen the strip's archive online. "'Yeah, so I was looking at iPods today. I thought about you.' 'Oh yeah? Pretty great huh?' 'Oh yeah, real good. Then I got it up to the register, came to my senses, and bought a thirty dollar discman instead.' 'Yeah but the iPod doesn't skip.' 'Neither does this. It's cushioned by about three hundred and eighty dollars in cash.'" A sidesplitting collection and great gag gift, especially for the technogeek generation.
  •     This is the best so far of the Penny-Arcade books. It's full of great art, jokes and notes by the writer from cover to cover. Highly recommended as a must own for any Penny-Arcade fan.
  •     Since I don't have time to read webcomics daily, It's nice having them all together. I alos liek teh little "Explanations" or back story on teh bottom of each page.
  •     I had read Penny Arcade now and then in the past, but didn't follow it on a regular basis - then while browsing the comics and manga section of the bookstore, the title of this...
  •     Funny, because it's Penny Arcade, and a great way to catch up with the archives while standing on the bus. My only complaint about these books, is that while the written commentary reveals a lot of what they were thinking/doing in retrospect, I feel like it sometimes doesn't give quite enough context.
  •     Penny Arcade is a comic that my husband likes to read online and I was so excited when I found the physical books with all of his favorites strips. The book is a paperback but really good quality! This book is not one that would fall apart at all or cheaply made. I ordered the book and it shipped fast and arrived quickly. Just in time to give it as a gift for the holidays! I looked over the books and they were in great shape and none of the pages or the spine had damage. The pages had vibrant colors and illustrations.I really do think this would be loved by anyone who is a fan of Penny Arcade or good comics. It is suitable for adults or kids. This comic book is great for anyone in your life who is into gaming and comics, they often have comics about gaming ( console and pc). My husband is a huge fan and this was a perfect gift for him. He's such a big fan that I ended up buying three more of the books! I will continue to buy the rest of the books to complete the collection very soon.

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