Who Let the Cat Out?: Mutts No. 10 (Mutts Comics)

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Press:Andrews McMeel Pub Andrews McMeel Publishing; First Edition edition (April 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-4
Author Name:McDonnell, Patrick


MUTTSÂ is impossibly large. 
Its subject is the world, all living beings in it, and their relationship with each other.
Its touch is incredibly light and gentle, which explains how it alights in your mind and rests there.
The way that McDonnell's stories oscillate between gentle comedy and understated pathos is the strip's greatest strength."—Christopher Brayshaw, Vancouver Review  Animal lovers everywhere adore Patrick McDonnell's charming but pointed MUTTS.
The strip strikes a delicate balance between lighthearted fun and social commentary—on the human condition as well as the animal world. The deceptively simple comic follows the adventures of Earl the dog and Mooch the cat, an unlikely best-friend team, and Shtinky Puddin', Sourpuss, Guard Dog, and Crabby. Patrick's distinctive cartooning style effectively relays the all-too-real concerns of his characters with entertaining, clever, laugh-out-loud banter.  Infodad.com describes MUTTS as "humane and funny and gentle and caring and heartfelt and-did we mention funny?" The site goes on to say that the strip "includes enough hijinks and outstanding art (yes, art!) to please anyone with a taste for animals and amusement."


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  •     Who doesn't love MUTTS? Patrick McDonnell's endearable little critters have stolen my heart.I'm not a mutt, but I often wish I were Earl the dog with a lovable friend like Mooch the cat ... a friend who could make me laugh and keep me "up" in this crazy, mixed-up world where laughs are often hard to come by.Come to think of it, I do have TWO friends like that and when we get together we have more fun than Toonies chasing Mischief-Makers (from the YA novel, The Toonies Invade Silicon Valley). Neighbors in the beachtown of Capitola, CA, we were the "scourge" of the beach crowd. My friends are nicknamed Boobs and Fang, while I'm Legs to them.But getting back to this book, it's hilarious, and will cure your ills for sure. Delightful!!! LOL :>) ... or is it ( >: ...???Happy reading!
  •     A compilation of a year's worth of 2004 Mutts comic strips. Like other books in Patrick McDonnell's "Mutts" series, this compilation includes cartoons not seen in the regular daily run. A "must" for any Mutts fan.
  •     Mutts is the most beautiful comic strip; kind and loving. Even though I don’t particularly care for dogs, and we don’t own any pets, my wife and I are in love with Earl and Mooch and their friends. These treasuries are pure gold.This is a combined review of a lot of annual and treasury collections, because essentially, they are indistinguishable. In the Mutts universe, nothing ever changes. That means you can buy ANY of these books and enjoy them in any order!The annual collections this review covers are Mutts (1996), Cats & Dogs (1997), More Shtuff (1998), Yesh! (1999), Our Mutts (2000), A Little Look-See (2001), What Now (2002), I Want to Be the Kitty! (2003)Dog-Eared (2004), and Who Let the Cat Out? (2005).After 2005, Patrick McDonnell started publishing larger treasury collections instead of the smaller annual books. They are Everyday Mutts (2006), Animal Friendly (2007), Call of the Wild (2008), Stop and Smell the Roses (2009), Earl and Mooch (2010), Our Little Kat King (2011), BONK! (2012), Cat Crazy (2013) and Living the Dream (2014). Each has a year’s worth of comic strips, and some other bonus things too.And yes we own them all! See the photo - we even have little Mutts dolls, including Mooch with his little pink sock.In each collection, we meet the same sweet animals, the same delightful children (we love Doozie and her “Bobbie Doll” car), the same eccentric grown-ups, the same familiar settings (like the seashore and my favorite place, the Fatty Snax deli). We have the everyday adventures of a little dog, Earl, and a little cat, Mooch, and their friends.We also have recurring themes, like “Shelter Stories” to encourage adoption, the annual visit to the seashore to see Crabby the Crab and Mussels Marina, encounters with a bear trying to hibernate, the same birds working on getting their songs right, and attempts to tell the worlds about endangered tigers.We always keep one or two of these beautiful comic books on the bedside table. We’re read them all many times (like Earl, they are dog-eared), and often look through a few pages every night. You can’t get tired of them!If you follow the comic strip “Mutts” you know what I’m talking about. If not, well, you will love these books.Hint: You can follow the comic online at http://muttscomics.com/
  •     I bought this for a gift for my grown daughter. We both subscribe to daily mutts comics and love them. Great book!
  •     The Mutts books are simple and charming. The characters get into all of the kinds of messes one would expect.
  •     I collect all the mutts books and they are entertaining to read, very sweet advice, too, and adorable and lovable characters.
  •     Perfect and fun!
  •     I love the Mutts!!!! This one had alot of strips I had not seen before. I would recommend this book highly if you are a Mutts fan.
  •     Just as the other books in Patrick McDonnell's "Mutts" body of work resonate with humor, whimsy, thoughtfulness, and wit, so too does his latest compilation, "Mutts X." Mooch and Earl and their environment, causes, pals, and activities are explored using a droll eye and deft pen. It's amazing how McDonnell can communicate thought-provoking ideas through such deceptively simple characters. It's all here--again: silliness, sensibility, and sensitivity. For total Mutts immersion, be sure to check out the official website: [...]

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