A Shiny, Unused Heart: a novella

Press: Black Coffee Press, LLC (June 28, 2011)
Publication Date:2011-6
Author Name:Tyler, J. a.


A pulsating and non-linear revelation of a man as he learns of his impending fatherhood, sinks in his overwhelming cast of family, and crushes beneath the world as we all sometimes do. 
This is a book about losing your mind perhaps more than your heart, or in either case, of realizing the loss of self.

From the Back Cover

In A Shiny, Unused Heart,  J. 
Tyler uses crisis as the nexus of his book, but deconstructing it so that it reaches and breaks new ground.
The story is dead simple - a man cracks down as he learns of his future paternity.
But where an N number of postmodern writers who use irony, distance or a social-realistic description of the situation, Tyler chooses precisely the reverse - to explore the crack as a crack - in its narration and form, jumbling the chapters as well as the language.
He manages thus to make us feel the crisis in the deepest sense, rooted in our possibilities - or impossibilities - to express anguish.
Beautiful, gripping, terrifying and yet very poetic, A Shiny, Unused Heart is a must-have for all lovers of REAL ground-breaking (and heart-breaking) lit.
-Seb Doubinsky, author of The Babylonian Trilogy

About the Author

Tyler's third release A Shiny, Unused Heart weaves together years of work, including material from the previously sold-out chapbook The Girl in the Black Sweater, into a book that plunders the notion of "beginning, middle, end" by rearranging the way in which we read, and by asking the reader to not only see what the narrator sees, but to be who the narrator is.


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