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Press: Day Dream; 16m Wal edition (August 1, 2012)
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The CW's hit show has put fictional Mystic Falls on the primetime map. 
The Vampire Diaries follow the Salvatores as they return after centuries to the town where they became vampires.
This 2013 calendar is a perfect pinup for your vampire fanatic.


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  •     Lets be honest, I bought these for the pictures of Damon. Maybe I should buy a Ian Sommerholder calendar but I dont want the candid street clothes shots, I want the pictures of "Damon" - maybe they need to come out with a "brothers" calendar for the series. Everyone else is cute, but for 2012 I just cut out the pages of the other guys and Elena and kept the main Damon page up until the next one rolled around.
  •     Over all it's pretty, but some of the pics are so altered, they look like cheesy drawings instead of actual photos.
  •     As soon as I saw this "Vampire Diaries" calendar I knew I had to have one. It is even better than the 2012 calendar. Instead of all of the characters, it just sticks just with Damon, Stefan, Elena and my favorite, Klaus. The pictures are just incredible. Even a casual fan will want one of these to keep forever.
  •     the best calender ever i love it...excelentthe vampire diaries things are the bestthank you for allexcelent
  •     I LOVE VD!!!!!!!!! However, this calendar was a disappointment because they only have a couple of the characters from the show in it. I wanted the whole cast. Jeremy, Bonnie, Caroline, Tyler, Rick and Rebecca are not in this calendar. Also, the backgrounds don't change. It's all pretty much the same which i don't like. I wouldn't recommend a 2014 either, unless you can see the whole year and know who's on each month. :o(
  •     I love being able to look up at the many different characters I enjoy watching on TV. I would of given the calendar a 5 star rating but I was a little disappointed by how fake the characters look in this edition.
  •     This was exactly what I expected. Everything came in good time and the pictures were very good. All I can say is that I love the Vampire Diaries and this calendar is awesome.
  •     I do love this product, it is exactly what I expected and it came well before it was expected to come.
  •     My husband and I are super fans of Vamp Diaries. We hung this in our office and have enjoyed December and January photos during our workouts and bill prep. A great group of photos very well made and gorgeous cast as always. A must have for Vamp Diaries fan for 2013.
  •     Great spacing to write things down.
  •     This was another Christmas present for my beautiful granddaugher, she loved it. She is absolutely obsessed with Vampire Diaries. Thank you
  •     best part about purchasing this product was i received it from New York to India within 8 days. yes it took only 8 days. fastest service.also must buy calender for any vampire diaries fan. we have 2 images of Joseph Morgan, 2 images of Paul, 2 images of Ian, 3 of Nina, 1 image of Paul and Joseph together and 1 image of all 4 together. completely awesome. love it <3
  •     Beautiful photographs of my favorites charatcters from Vampire Diaries. I enjoy looking at it everyday at the office; luckily I can hang it up there.
  •     Bought this gift for a relative who is absolutely in love with Vampire Diaries.She fell in love with it and always stares at it
  •     My teen daughter loves this calendar and plans on saving the photos to hang in her room after she's done using it.
  •     Bought this for my niece as a gift and she LOVES TVD----I got her hooked and she is in love with Ian Sommerhalder's character - Damon.
  •     was protected adequately, was what i expected, item could have been cooler but is overall a good item and i would recommend
  •     I have purchased and reviewed the previous two "The Vampire Diaries" calendars from DayDream for 2011 and 2012. I am a fan of the show, so of course I picked up the 2013 calendar too. This year they changed the layout a little, and I personally find it a little less appealing than with the previous two years.The photo on the top half of the calendar does not even reach the middle seam/staples, and the calendar portion on the lower page is smaller by comparison too, the latter set in an antique silver frame with a raven holding a red ribbon showing the month and year.This is not to say that I don't like the 2013 calendar, just that the design is not as attractive to me as with the previous two years. I also do not like the choice of photos this year. There are no cast photos this year (no Jeremy, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, or Tyler etc), just Stefan, Damon, Elena, and Klaus. In some cases, the photos also look a little touched up/air brushed to my eye. The paper also seems a little thinner this year, most notably the cardboard cover.Here are the subject photos for each month:2012* Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec (on one page) = Stefan and Damon (as seen in the product photo of the back cover, bottom right corner)2013* January = Stefan* February = Damon* March = Elena* April = Klaus* May = Elena & Damon (cropped cover shot)* June = Stefan (cropped cover shot)* July = Klaus* August = Damon* September = Elena* October = Damon* November = Klaus & Stefan* December = Elena, Damon, Stefan & Klaus (cover shot variant)Note: all these shots can be preview in the product photo of the back cover.There are no threesome shots of Stefan, Elena, and Damon this year, and all are posed/studio photos. Overall, I don't feel this was as nicely presented, or as good a selection of photos as in previous years. I would have preferred more of the regular cast to all the shots of Klaus, and at least one shot of Stefan, Elena & Damon together. Regardless, these are just my impressions, and the calendar will still be on my wall in 2013.

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