The Windough Sweepstakes System: How to Win Online Sweepstakes Over and Over Again Forever!

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Press: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (July 6, 2009)
Author Name:Kurland, Scott


Sweepstakes expert and founder of former sweepstakes mega-site takes you on a journey of the secret world of online sweepstakes, and then step-by-step through his proven odds-bending system for beating online sweepstakes at their own game. 
Join the exciting, increasingly popular sport that lets you win from the comfort of your own couch, for free! Follow the 10 easy steps to win a monthly avalanche of gift cards, cash...
even cars, vacations, and maybe even $1,000,000 jackpots over and over again! Learn how to create your strategy, manage your time, maximize your winnings, minimize your taxes, and much, much more.
Whether just for fun, to supplement your current income, or help achieve your life's dreams, this book will help you win more and win more often! Includes over $50 value in free bonus downloads, including WindoughPlan software, forms, quick-reference cards and instructional videos to get you ready and winning in just a few hours!


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  •     While this is a good book with lots of tips for winning, it did not have anything listed that the seasoned sweeper would not already know. I have only been entering sweepstakes for about a year and I found nothing new in this book.Buy only if you are new to the game.
  •     Except for the tax advice in this book, all else is fairly typical information that you can find online. I read through the book in a day's time and was extremely disappointed. I guess I may appreciate it though if s/day I win a big cash prize!!!
  •     doesn't tell you anything you don't already know , just by using a computer everyday, can't believe I paid for it
  •     Scott has done a fantastic job of opening the door to the secret world of online sweepsteaks. As the former CEO of one of the largest online gaming sysetms, he puts his real world experience and knowledge on the line to help us little guys. The book is very well written, and fast and easy to read. It is chock full of interesting facts, and tips that will surely help the average person more effectively enter and win contests. He really covers all the bases including how to think positively, better organize yourself, time management, etc. Even a chapter on what to do when you win (attorneys, money managers, etc). Thanks Scott, this was a great read.
  •     This is a great book. I've used the methods outlined in the book and have won more in the short time that I've had it than in all my years sweepstaking. It gives websites where you can find hidden sweeps where you can get in when the odds are low. This gives you a better chance of winning. The book shows how to maximize your entries and minimize your time. I recommend it highly.
  •     I have won a dozen prizes worth hundreds with the methods in this book this past year.Microsoft held a weeks-long spring and summer sweepstakes promotion by text message entry for it's Zune products for students at colleges that were Microsoft partners. Daily entries were allowed. I set a reminder to enter daily and I did. I won five 8GB Zunes (First Prizes) and six $25 Visa Gift Cards (Second Prizes). There were only 12 Zunes available - I really wanted one of the 3 XBox 360s (Grand Prizes)!Keeping my eye out for that sweepstakes - daily entry by text message only by college students at Microsoft partner universities for a couple months late in the term. The eligible entrants were few and my odds good!I've done the same with free t-shirt drawings (TBS, Conan) I won 5 in just two days of trying. Here, speed, multiple browsers and Google Toolbar auto-fill features came in handy!I honestly don't have much time or patience, but I am winning a couple sweepstakes a year with minimal effort. Using some of the sites in the book, I have made some progress in larger contests with a minor prize here and there, but I applied the general advice about real world and online sweepstakes in order to apply it to my lifestyle. I can't devote time (or manage to focus long enough) to try to win at the sake of my day job. Some day I may have free time and it would be more productive than Pogo!THAT SAID, for the time I HAVE put into sweepstakes, probably an hour over the last year or so, I think I've done pretty well! Thanks Scott!
  •     Great book on winning sweepstakes and contests. My friend told me about this book, and I found it interesting.
  •     If the author could really realize similar results, why does he need to write a book.He should be in the Bahamas with 100 3 x 5 cards.John Harris
  •     Liked reading it, because I enjoy the subject matter. Can't really say I learned anything I didn't already know. I was hoping for something more advanced.
  •     Book was interesting. I have never bought a book about winning sweepstakes. It had some common sense tips about how to raise your odds of winning, but nothing too much that I had not heard before.KJ

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