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Press: Home Farm Books; 5 edition (December 15, 2009)
Author Name:Ball, Walter W. Rouse


Originally published in 1892. 
A fascinating book containing an account of certain Mathematical Recreations followed by some Essays on subjects most of which are directly concerned with historical mathematical problems.
The illustrated contents include: Arithmetical Recreations – Geometrical Recreations – Mechanical Recreations – Chess Board Recreations – Magic Squares – Unicursal Problems – Kirkman’s School Girls Problem – The Mathematical Tripos – The Parallel Postulate – Insolubility of The Algebraic Quintic – Mersenne’s Numbers – String Figures – Astrology – Cryptographs and Ciphers – Hyper Space – Time and Its Measurement – Matter and Ether Theories.
Many of the earliest science books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive.
Home Farm Books are republishing many of these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.


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  •     One of the books that I read from the library when I was a child and teenager in the late 1950s and early 1960s was WW Rouse Ball's "Mathematical Recreations and Essays". I learned a lot about mathematics from this book. But I have been away from my home town for many years now, and had never seen the book since then. When I saw it available on Amazon, I bought it. Much of it seemed familiar, but there were revisions made, as I see references to years in the 1980s. Also I note that HSM Coxeter is now a co-author. He's another author from my child and teen days, especially his "Mathematical Models" book which I have. It is still a good book for learning about fun mathematical things, and I highly recommend it, and it reminds me of the old days.
  •     I bought the ebook version and the format is so bad that it is not readable.
  •     Any fan of mathematical puzzles will go ape over this thoroughly researched, timeless classic. Even for jaded scientists in their forties (such as me) and beyond, there's always some new gem to be discovered at the turn of a page. The scope of the book is immense, ranging from all manner of "classical" recreations to the puzzles of antiquity (e.g., squaring the circle) to the history of pi to the structure and functionality of the kaleidoscope. It's all here!
  •     More than I expected. I've only had time to skim thru it but as I am interested in design and how things come into being (design wise) I think that this will be a very welcome aid and addition to my library.
  •     My favorite -- N is prime if, and only if, (N - 1)! + 1 is divisible by N -- ormaybe you already know that?
  •     A classic. Challenging but fascinating. Best consumed in chunks.
  •     This is a timeless classic and a primary referencefor recreational mathematicians. And the priceis unbeatable.
  •     This is a classic collection of mathematical recreations. Originally written by W.W. Rouse Ball around 1900, this edition has been updated by the great geometer H.S.M. Coxeter. It is a comprehensive first source for information about magic squares, Platonic and Archimedian solids, "Knight's Tours" and other chessboard recreations, and just about any other variety of math-related puzzle you could name.For a mathematician, Coxeter is an excellent writer, and the book is quite accessible, even to relative math novices. Fans of Martin Gardner's books, of his "Scientific American" Mathematical Games columns, will want to own this. And because it's published by Dover, the price is right, too.

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